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Optica Benjamin Oliva - 15%

Receive a 15% discount.


📞 +34 960 917 563

📍 Nou d'octubre, 1 46780 Oliva (Valencia)

Totally individualised, close and tailored optical service

Totally individualised, close and tailored optical service.

Complete visual exams including measurement of ocular tension.

Screening and prevention services in collaboration with ophthalmologists.

Personalized and guaranteed adaptation of all types of contact lenses.

The latest advances in progressive designs and ultra-reduced materials.

The most current fashion at reasonable prices.

Visual training programs, orthokeratology, myopia control and visual hygiene.

Payment facilities. And of course, satisfaction guaranteed!

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How to claim your discount

To claim your XIC loyalty card discount, all you have to do is show the establishment your card prior to consuming any products or services. They will then apply the discount for you!

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