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Michelle Lodge Holistic Therapies - 10%

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📞 +34 633725667 (available on WhatsApp too)

📍 Entremans, Calle Manuel Bordes Valls, 4. Javea Port.

Your natural health practitioner with an unshakeable passion and determination to help you achieve well-being, pain relief and increased energy through a highly personalised holistic approach.

I offer:

  • Kinesiology: Addresses physical, emotional, nutritional and energy imbalances guided by muscle testing.

  • Reflexology: The stimulation of reflexes in the feet enhances the circulation to all organs and glands in the body.

  • Reiki: A Japanese art of ancient healing enabling deep relaxation and energy centre balancing.

  • Swedish and deep tissue massage: Firm, relaxing techniques aiming to reduce stress, increase circulation and mobility


"I had a very detailed and thorough two hour session of kinesiology to determine an allergic reaction I have been suffering with. Michelle is sympathetic to symptoms and explains throughout what she finds from her work. She then followed up the session with a full report of her findings and recommendations for solutions. I came away feeling much more confident and pleased that I finally have some answers to the problem. Would highly recommend Michelle. Her knowledge is second to none.”

- Al and Em Lawton

"I have had two outstanding kinesiology treatments with another one booked next week. The results have been remarkable with balancing my hormones so I now don't experience the hot sweats associated with pre menopause YEAH… and my dread of driving has improved tremendously. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and her caring professional nature shines through. If you’re looking for a therapist in the Javea area I certainly recommend Michelle. Thank you!”

- Shirley Naylor

"Michelle used her skill as a Kinesiologist to help me with a shoulder issue that had been ongoing for around two years. I couldn't get my arm behind my back of lift it to the side. One short session with her and the recommended nutrition and my movement was back and I was pain free. Truly amazing therapist. Thank you Michelle xx”

- Lisa Burgess

“My daughter, Georgina, was unable to walk quite suddenly, and for an entire year was bound to a wheelchair. We went to see different specialists in the health care industry Doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, e.t.c.. and had scans, blood tests, anything that would get my daughter walking again. I felt hopeless as I wasn’t getting answers and there was no improvement. I was recommended by a friend for Georgina to see Michelle for kinesiology sessions. Michelle has passion in her total holistic approach and I knew that there was hope yet. Through making some dietary and lifestyle changes and seeing Michelle every 2 weeks, my daughter no longer needs her wheelchair, and is able to have a normal life just like a teenager should! Without Michelle I don’t know where we would be. Thank you. xxx”

- Linda Cooper


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